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About Us

Redeemer Covenant Church is a small, family-friendly congregation located in the Dutton/Caledonia/Gaines Township area south of Grand Rapids. We are thankful for a diverse congregation that shares a deep passion for discovering the depth of God’s love and the joy of a life centered in Jesus Christ. We believe that God’s love knows no bounds, and that a life in pursuit of God is a life that is full and richly rewarding. We don’t sidestep difficult questions and we don’t believe faith means “checking your brain at the door.”

We are intentional about sitting with the deeper issues of faith and meaning that everyone encounters in their journey, and we strongly believe that those deeper issues are best explored in the context of community. Together we desire to learn more about who God is, and who He is creating us to be.

At Redeemer you’ll find a casual atmosphere, heartfelt worship, relevant messages, and a warm welcome. No matter where you find yourself in the journey of faith, you’re invited to join with us as we seek to know God and the adventure of a life following Jesus.

We hope you’ll join us for worship Sundays at 10:00 am.


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