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The Heart of Redeemer

Over the past few years we have come to understand that God gives each church a unique identity, and that part of sharing life is learning how to celebrate that identity and grow in it, rather than applying a “copy and paste” approach from other churches. Just as each individual has distinctive traits (and quirks!) that make them who they are, God wires certain things into the DNA of a church that make each congregation special. We have summarized in these four statements how we have come to understand the heart of Redeemer’s “DNA,” and we are thankful for all the ways God continues to shape us as individuals and as a congregation.

Our Values:

At Redeemer Covenant Church we value…

God’s Word—we affirm the centrality of Scripture
God’s Family—we celebrate authentic community in all seasons of life
God’s Presence—we embrace God’s nearness in worship & prayer
God’s Call—we pursue God’s priorities locally and globally

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