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Covenant Affirmations: the Reality of Freedom in Christ (5-13-2018)

Date: May 13, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Beth Earnest

Covenant Affirmations: the Reality of Freedom in Christ (5-13-2018)

After reminding us of the prior Covenant affirmations in previous weeks–the centrality of the word of God, the necessity of new birth, a commitment to the whole mission of the Church, and the Church as a fellowship of believers–Pastor Beth brings us to better understand, appreciate and embrace the reality of our freedom in Christ.

She urged us to understand that “being a believer is a team sport, not a solo gig”, and “when we accept that we are united in Christ, we have also to accept that there are limits to our freedom.”  She took as her texts John 8:31-36 and Galatians 5:13-15, and reminded us of the heritage of the Evangelical Covenant Church including this from Glenn Palmberg:

  • “Covenant freedom…comes from people who know they did not earn and do not deserve God’s acceptance, people who know that their salvation is by grace through faith.  It creates in them a humility that refuses to believe that they have the last word on truth.  It enables them to hold their convictions with grace toward those who hold a different position.”

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