Sometimes contemporary worship services are like concert performances with loud music and flashing lights in a darkened room. There’s very little difference between what you see on Sunday morning and Saturday night.

At Redeemer, we want our Sundays to be different from the rest of the week. In our sunlight sanctuary we listen to the stirrings of our hearts and wait on the Lord to renew our strength. Our services are immersed in Scripture and provide prayerful moments for us to reflect on what God may be saying to us through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

We seek to balance words and silence, old and new, formal and free-flowing. Our acoustic music is led by a small group of musicians and vocalists. We love putting the great hymns of the church alongside contemporary praise songs because both stir our spirits and inspire our worship.

Worship is basking in the love of God and responding with our entire being. Worship provides opportunity to proclaim God’s grace, ponder God’s wisdom, and learn to live like Jesus.