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bible praiseSo often these days the lines seem blurred between worship and performance, and sometimes it seems hard to tell the difference between a worship service and a concert. While a great concert is well worth enjoying, we often forget that worship is designed to be something completely different. That’s why at Redeemer we are very intentional with our approach to Sunday morning worship, in a style we like to call “Unplugged.” We believe the focus should not be on the music, the lights, the media, or the personalities…the focus should be on Jesus and what He has done for us. Worship, in short, is basking in the love of God and responding with our entire being.

At Redeemer we seek to strike a balance between words and silence…old and new…formal and free-flowing. We love the great hymns of the church alongside the contemporary praise songs that continue to stir and move us in worship. We seek to create space on Sundays for God to speak, since His voice is far more important than the musings of any human speaker. Out of that belief, our Sunday services are immersed in Scripture and provide prayerful moments for us to reflect on what God may be saying to us through His Word and the Holy Spirit. Most of all, we desire to be present to God as He is present to us–not to entertain us, but to transform us as only He can.

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