Talent Show Recordings

Here are MP3 files of acts from our 10th annual Talent Show, May 12, 2004

  1. Animal Sounds (Rashed Taher)
  2. Flea Dance (Rashed & Gail Franklin)
  3. Lord over All (Alex King)
  4. Cuddle doon (Don Snoeyink)
  5. Winkin, Blinkin, & Nod (Sally Davis)
  6. One Little Candle (Bethany & Brianna Dingman)
  7. Simply I Love You (Lois Roelse)
  8. Getting into You (Olivia Johnson)
  9. Ole Grey Mare (Dave Jung & Roger Franklin)
  10. Down by the Riverside (Dave & Roger)
  11. Out of His Great Love (Ladies Ensemble)
  12. I've Got a Mansion (Michelle Kowalski & Denny Crum)
  13. Honor and Praise (Olivia Hillman & Lois Roelse)
  14. Good is so Good (Joshua & Erik Erikson, Christian Okeke)
  15. Mirror, Mirror (Tainted Image)
  16. Gone (Tainted Image)
  17. Fly (Tainted Image)