Cross Talk

Jack examines the call of Jesus to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him.

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The Heart of Worship

Jack unpacks the first part of Romans 12 and what it means to offer ourselves as “living sacrifices.”

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Sometimes…….. The Detour is The Road.

Genesis 45:1-14

Joseph’s life is full of unexpected detours.   Joseph was  stripped of his robe, sold into slavery, falsely accused and thrown in prison. Listen to the greater story of Joseph’s detour and think about our own detours and how we are being lead to a good place.

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Your Mission

The beauty of the rhetorical question seems lost today. The beauty is that the answer is obvious. Such is today’s reading from Romans 10:5-15. Paul wraps his questions, saying that someone must share the gospel. Jack asks ‘who is called to share the Gospel?’ Um, me?

And we, as Jack calls us, as missional church our goal should be to know God and make Him known. Some are senders, some are goers, but all should be witnesses.

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God of Compassion

Sharon Brown teaches us in the Gospel of Mathew 14:13-21, the before  and during the Feeding of the five thousand.  Jesus goes into a boat to spend time alone with God away from the people.  The hungry people walk around and meet Jesus on the other side.   Jesus has compassion.  Listen to the story of the compassion of a shepherd feeding His people.

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Sharon Brown walks us thru the story of Jacob and Esau, a ultimately, what this means in our lives. Out of the deception, or in spite of it, God’s plan was realized.

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